The Square 2017 / Available On Streaming Rental or Purchase


The Square is a peculiar movie about a respected contemporary art museum curator as he goes through a few very specific events. He loses his wallet, his children fight, the art he oversees is does not make sense to an interviewer… Each one of these events would usually require a precise response but all they do is bring out his insecurities and his illusions about life. These reactions lead him to very unusual situations. A thought-provoking and incredibly intelligent film that’s just a treat to watch. If you liked Force Majeure by the same director, The Square is even better!


    This film. There is so much about this film that I would like to say. Every scene tells a subtle story about humans and the fight between our civilized and primal selves. It showcases the absurdity of our self absorption. It laughs at the pretension of the modern art world. It paints the farce of our daily lives. You will be uncomfortable during this film, and you will probably have an opinion about it when it is finished.. 2 people liked this review.

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