The Other Side of Hope 2017 / Available On Streaming Rental or Purchase


Finnish director and megastar Aki Kaurismäki hits with yet another absurd but poignant movie. The Other Side of Hope is about a Syrian refugee and his journey across Finland, both the country and the culture, in hopes for a fresh start. It’s a genuine and simple movie, played masterfully by a cast of newcomers. But in its simplicity, it elicits empathy on a subject that most of us choose not to dwell on nowadays. Aki Kaurismäki has the unbelievable skill of distilling tragic events into their humane component. A movie to give credit to, and to watch without any prior expectations – unless you’re familiar with Aki Kaurismäki’s previous work.


    It was for movies like this that I joined "A good movie to watch". This is a movie where you meet an author. Loved it. -1 people liked this review.

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