That Peter Crouch Film 2023 / A generally unremarkable sports documentary anchored by its main character's everyman charisma


Strictly for football movie completionists and fans of the title athlete, That Peter Crouch Film is about as basic a sports documentary as they come, with a straightforward mix of talking heads interviews and archival footage. There’s not much to be learned about the sport and its inner workings here, even for a football newbie, and one could argue that Crouch’s story doesn’t necessarily have the drama needed for a film of his own. Still, it’s refreshing to have somebody as unassuming as Crouch at the center; even he doesn’t seem convinced that his story is special, but his humility and sense of humor make it easy to root for him. It’d be hard to blame any footballer for taking an opportunity like this to become sentimental about their own career, but Crouch treats his success simply as a product of hard work and a bit of luck.

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