Swiss Army Man 2016 / Now On Netflix


Probably the weirdest film you’ll ever see. Paul Dano plays a borderline suicidal man who befriends a farting corpse that washed up from the sea as played by Daniel Radcliffe. It’s an adventurous, witty and hilarious film yet it is filled with discreet and very deep lessons about society and norms. The soundtrack is so charmingly unique as well, it’s a definite must-watch for anyone looking for a refreshing comedy.


    Probably the most polarizing film I've ever come across. Some people hate it, others stop stop watching after the first 10 minutes, but some people (like me) think it's one of the best movies ever made. Its raw and weird emotions some how latch onto your emotions and it's perfect. It's hard to recommend this to my family or friends though, either you will love it or you will hate it. 2 people liked this review.


    This film is one of my favourites of all time, purely because you won't find any weird premise executed as well as Swiss Army Man has. I never thought I could be in love with such a ridiculous premise, but I am. The dialogue is fantastic, and the soundtrack even better! 5 stars from me. 0 people liked this review.

    Glen Min

    This movie is FU**ING weird! It's so creepy. But I love it. 0 people liked this review.

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