Sound of the Police (2023) 2023 / A somewhat rudimentary but no less painful reminder of one of America's most persistent sins


The depressing reality when it comes to a documentary like Sound of the Police is that new, equally damning examples of state-sponsored violence—perpetrated by cops against vulnerable citizens—will likely continue to pop up at a pace that films just can’t keep up with. And that eyewitness reports spread throughout social media will provide even more horrific (and necessary) images that movie studios may not be willing to show on screen. But while this film feels more like a basic crash course on racist American policing (touching on its roots in slavery, sympathetic media portrayals of cops, and the importance of cameras today), it still touches on most of the essential arguments that should leave anybody with a heart in disgust. There may not be much of a through line or a proper conclusion here, but it’s still good to be reminded of the kind of tyranny that Black America lives through today.

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