Skin 2018 / Jamie Bell as a White Supremacist


This true story of a white-supremacist and the civil rights unit that tried to stop his group was so gripping. 

You might recognize the title from the Oscars ceremony, as a shorter version of Skin (same director but different actors) won the Academy Award for Best Short Film. 

The longer movie provides much more time for the characters to develop, and room for more of a commentary on the current political situation in the U.S.

Fun fact: see that scary man in the picture? That’s Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell who went through a transformation for the role, including always wearing a device to pull his ears closer to his head because they were “too cute”.


    This was a fantastic film. It's akin to a modern take on American History X, but in stunning fashion with performances to match. The story behind it is almost completely true, and the players from that story should be humbled by this portrayal of their journey. It firmly grasps monumental concepts, conveys tangible suffering, flawed heroism, and reluctant growth with surgical precision. 1 person liked this review.


    So I had a Jamie Bell day this week (over 2 days) - I watched Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, then The Eagle (a re-watch actually) and finally this movie, Skin. This actor is so diverse and so talented that I didn't even feel saturated in him so to say - he truly becomes the character unlike so many other actors. This film is a tough, yet true story that inspired me to donate to the One People's Project afterwards. Enjoy and don't ever think this stuff isn't happening. It is more prevalent than you think. 1 person liked this review.

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