Trese 2021 / Supernatural crimes. Mythical creatures. One badass detective


Seamlessly blending supernatural folklore and crime noir, the Filipino anime-influenced adaptation of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo’s award-winning graphic novels offers a fresh and culturally rich take on the supernatural detective genre. Set in Manila, the show follows the fearless detective Alexandra Trese who is tasked with protecting the balance between humanity and the Underworld. From investigating a haunted train to quelling the fight for power between rival aswang clans, Trese and police captain Guerrero’s cases unlock this rich urban world. As Trese gets closer to discovering the powerful perpetrator of various crimes (and how intertwined humans and the Underworld really are), the show’s dark and enchanting Filipino mythology expands. The series masterfully combines elements of horror, mystery, and action, never treating the mythology as a gimmick, creating a unique animated entry from the Philippines.

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