The Superfantastic Story of Balão 2023 / An intriguing retrospective of the children’s music group that shifted 80s Brazil’s entertainment industry


Released without fanfare outside of its home country, The Superfantastic Story of Balão is an intriguing documentary about the iconic Brazilian children’s group Turma do Balão Mágico. Through three episodes, four of its members share the story of the band, starting with their backgrounds all the way to the aftermath of their break up. In addition to the performers, other family members, producers, and certain personalities also lend their thoughts on the band’s success. The contrast between each interviewee’s accounts, with the performers’ differing from the producers’, and with the members’ varied accounts, is an interesting one, as it reveals how their different priorities shifted their experiences. While it would have been lovely to hear more of the music they performed, especially for viewers new to the band, it’s clear that the documentary was mostly made with the fans in mind.

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