The Narco Satanist / A docu-series that questions how a young woman garnered the spotlight of a man's satanic drug ring


Overseeing drug rings, cult machinations, and human sacrifice under the guise of practicing the religion known as Santeria defined the crimes of Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo in Mexico during the late 1980s. And instead of following one straight recollection, the documentary tells two sides of the case: one from Sara Aldrete and the police and media as everything unfolds. What starts as a disjointed journey to proving Sara’s involvement and guilt becomes blurred as the documentary asks the audience to contemplate a different outcome. Does Sara’s young age afford her more sympathy? Was the case rushed and mishandled? Did the police (and other powerful people) force the outcome of the case? Watching only the first episode would be a disservice to the broader context and overlooked participants the producers shine a light on. 

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