The Golden Boy / An unflinching look at Oscar De La Hoya's dark, tumultuous legacy


The Golden Boy is much more than the story of Oscar De La Hoya’s legacy as a boxer; it is a revival of his glory days and the dark, toxic, and violent experiences that upheld his rise to fame. Early in the series, Oscar reveals that the infamous promise he made to his dying mother (of him winning the Olympic gold medal) was actually a lie. And as he recalls the abuse he received from his mother and the pain of meeting the ideal of Mexican masculinity, the somber tone of the documentary successfully cements itself. While expounding on his discipline and drive to win, he also reveals his tumultuous love for boxing and the slow descent into promiscuity and drinking that came with his explosive fame. The two-part series gives De La Hoya and his loved ones the chance to confront how severe his cycle of repression was on the quality of life he could’ve had. Leaving no stone (or controversy) unturned, The Golden Boy uncovers the darkest secrets hidden by the glamour.

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