The Floor 2024 / A monotonous and imbalanced game show that refuses to evolve


The idea of claiming territory like on a board game makes for an interesting premise for a game show, but unfortunately The Floor fails to do anything with its format that would allow its players to make use of any meaningful strategy whatsoever. It only takes watching one “duel” to realize how tedious this show is, as the contestants are made to play a series of image identification or fill-in-the-blanks games—hardly the best way to test one’s expertise in a given topic. Not only that, but the format of the questions seems to change unfairly as well, with some being made to name simple images, and others (like for the topic of “Bands”) to take the extra step of interpreting a visual pun or metaphor. At least for the early episodes, this is all the game ever amounts to, which makes for an increasingly boring viewing experience.

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