Subscriber-only title: Terrace House 2015 / Now On Netflix


Terrace House is the perfect show to binge on a lazy day, it will make you feel intimate not only with its cast, but also with the Japanese culture and lifestyle. The premise here is nothing that hasn’t been done before, and usually very terribly: Six strangers -three boys and three girls in their twenties – are given a beautiful home to live in for several months in Tokyo. We get to observe their interactions and the slow building of their friendships. What sets it apart from others in its genre is that it’s wholly unscripted and nothing is forced. The cast are normal people whose lives don’t revolve around the show: they have jobs, they’re free to come and leave the house whenever they want, they can travel, sleep all day, or date people not on the show. You might think this makes for bad TV, but it really doesn’t: Terrace House is really well-made and it knows how to make mundane life interesting and engaging. To round it up another cast of established japanese entertainers appear on interludes each episode to share their opinions on the happenings inside the house and to offer some comedic insight.


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