Strange Planet 2023 / A popular webcomic about aliens disguised as humans gets the streaming treatment in Apple TV+


Based on Nathan Pyle’s famed webcomics of the same name, Strange Planets is a blunt and offbeat series that encapsulates the magic of Pyle’s internet-famous relatable aliens. It uses a sitcom format (complete with recurring characters) to play on the absurdity of these human-like aliens and their human-like problems. With well-delivered jokes, crisp animation, and simple storylines, Strange Planets doesn’t overcomplicate its premise, making it an easy, enjoyable watch. Although the writing and scenarios aren’t entirely original—outside of Pyle’s signature descriptive alien diction, that is—the wholesome, no-brainer vibe is a welcome change in pace for adult animation. Pyle’s original work brought humor to the mundanity of everyday living, and the show (co-created with TV veteran Dan Harmon) doesn’t disappoint.

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