Rain Dogs 2023 / A singular dark comedy whose unique brand of storytelling doesn't always connect emotionally


Whether or not its intentionally messy, erratically paced style resonates with you, there’s something undeniably special about having a show like Rain Dogs in our current television landscape. Almost aggressively opposed to the idea of comfort viewing and easily marketable drama, the series deals with characters who are at rock bottom for all eight episodes. There’s a particular restlessness to its storytelling that keeps it thoroughly unpredictable, and allows Daisy May Cooper and Jack Farthing to play razor-sharp, open-hearted roles without any pretension whatsoever. But Rain Dogs’ unique personality also means it can be especially challenging to latch on to its story—especially when the momentum is rarely carried over from one episode to the next. We become trapped in the show’s central toxic friendship to the point of overemphasis. And that’s a rare, valuable thing, but it can also be much too frustrating.

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