Queen of Tears 2024 / Love might not be enough in this funny yet melancholy depiction of a rich girl, poor boy marriage


To many people, marrying a rich heiress is the dream, since all that wealth can free a man from the drudgery and struggle of work. It’s also actually possible, with real life conglomerates actually having a similar story. Queen of Tears shows a different side to this modern-day fairytale, as the riches that come with the marriage also come with being controlled, in part by the media that surrounds them and the family whose strict, but strategic moves lead to their rise. Because of this heavy central idea, it’s no wonder the show tries to aim for a more lighthearted tone with some jabs at the ridiculous lifestyle enabled by the wealth of the Queens Group Hong family, and the cast are game to play, but in prioritizing the humor, the series sometimes makes light of certain difficulties that should be given the weight it deserves. Still, Queen of Tears is fairly entertaining, and fans of the leads would like seeing the funny dynamic they share.

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