Pretty Freekin Scary 2023 / A bland, tonally bizarre family sitcom that doesn't give its enthusiastic young cast enough to do


Despite the efforts of this young cast, who all seem understandably excited about the little they’ve been given to work with, Pretty Freekin Scary consistently makes dull decisions that fail to take advantage of the show’s weirdly dark premise. One would hope for a more offbeat tone à la Beetlejuice or The Addams Family, but instead we get subpar Disney Channel shenanigans rendered in visually unappealing ways, with no coherent concept behind its version of the Underworld. And in the show’s absolute resistance to engaging with tricky subject matter such as death (even in a satirical way), it only ends up making light of what its protagonist is living through. Certainly not the most appropriate time in America to release a series that’s so nonchalant about children’s safety.

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