My Life with the Walter Boys 2023 / A questionable teen romance drama that has no clue what tone to settle on


One would hope that, even with a premise like this, My Life with the Walter Boys could have some sort of emotional center to pin everything down, but if the first two episodes watched for this review are any indication, the series is too content playing out as an odd romantic fantasy. It’s not even necessarily that this show skirts the grey area of falling for one’s foster brothers; it’s that all of these romantic feelings sprout up far too abruptly. It doesn’t help that the rest of the series that surrounds these cliche moments of teens staring longingly at each other seems to be caught between wanting to be a serious study of grief and a typical fish-out-of-water young adult drama. In either mode the show is dull, and all its production values can’t conceal how contrived so much of this story is for no reason.

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