Let’s Talk About CHU 2024 / A sometimes awkward, though amusingly frank Taiwanese sex comedy


Ensemble romance stories are great for exploring different aspects of relationships, but this time, Taiwanese comedy drama Let’s Talk About CHU tackles sexual relationships. Centered on the Chu family, each of the members struggle in that aspect of their relationships– the parents are at the brink of divorce because of it, Ai prioritizes pleasure but not connection, Yu-sen is taken for granted because of it, and Wei struggles with the expectations of having children. It’s refreshing to see the show tackle these issues, which, until recently, has been mostly taboo to talk about, but it also happens to be direct, honest, and forthcoming about them in such a relatable way. While the show does struggle to balance the plotlines, Let’s Talk About CHU is a multi-generational conversation that’s important to have.

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