Iwájú 2024 / Disney explores a futuristic Lagos in this charming though predictable animated sci-fi flick


White creators handling African stories rarely turn out well, so thankfully, Disney decided to collaborate with pan-African Kugali Studio for their newest series Iwájú. This collaboration, instead of working alone, proves to be fruitful, as Iwájú dreams up of a futuristic world that is distinctly Nigerian, that still captures the real inequalities but also unique art styles and some genuine heart through its relatable characters. The series still does go through its recycled formula, with the familiar precocious pre-teen protagonist and their cute animal sidekick, but to Disney’s credit, it’s great to see them collaborate with, rather than shut down, smaller international studios, even ones that once wanted to “kick Disney’s arse” (Kugali’s words, not mine).

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