Subscriber-only title: I’m Sorry 2017 / Now On Netflix


In one scene, the main character’s husband looks at her with disdain after she makes an inappropriate joke –  “you are somebody’s mother!” She looks back with the same disdain – “I’m sorry, I forgot, moms aren’t supposed to be funny.”

Funny is a good word to use here, because this show is hilarious. Comedian Andrea Savage makes a TV show based on her life, or rather, that is her life (it’s a thin line). The show’s easy going tone is only interrupted by Andrea’s lack of consideration of what is appropriate.

Her jokes are heavy and offensive, and if you don’t mind either, so funny. They range from teaching her mom about unexpected sexual slang to trying a by-all-means approach to comfort her daughter’s fear of Nazis. 

Funny, natural and entertaining – I’m Sorry is a joy to watch.

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