GAMERA -Rebirth- 2023 / A crude but surprisingly mature blend of coming-of-age and a kaiju monster story


There are two sides to Gamera Rebirth that don’t mix all that well yet in the first two episodes watched for this review, but still complement each other in intriguing ways. There is, of course, the part of the show concerned with monsters fighting monsters—classic kaiju spectacle that makes good use of the series’ jagged CG animation, though the action never quite reaches a level of true excitement or tragedy. What’s more surprising about Gamera Rebirth, then, is its story of three young friends whose childhood is violently interrupted by both the titular giant turtle creature and the violence of the American military on their soil. This part of the show doesn’t benefit from the series’ visual style (which only seems to inhibit the characters’ emotional expression), but there’s a rawness to this main plot that keeps it just as urgent as the kaiju stuff. The kids swear and get beaten up, as they try to make sense of this turbulent time in their life.

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