Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock 2022 / Good-natured kids' fun filled with life lessons, inventive puppetry, and a terrific soundtrack


As classic children’s TV done in the same style as The Muppets, this reboot of Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock manages to thread together wacky adventures, an environmental message, lots of music, and light satire about human behavior in less-than-30-minute chunks. This show is firmly for kids first, with the carefree, somewhat naive subterranean Fraggles meant to be childlike in nature as they learn how to accept others’ differences and their own complicated feelings through kindness and community. But parents who are at all interested in colorful variety shows should still find lots to enjoy, be it in the intricate craft of puppetry across various species of creatures, or in the genuinely catchy songs that range from innocent earworms to beautifully composed anthems straight out of the musical theater tradition.

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