Ferry: The Series 2023 / The big time drug lord of Undercover starts small in this prequel series that still has the same entertainment value


Continuing on the 2021 film, which in turn, was the prequel to the Belgian-Dutch series Undercover, Ferry: the Series now delves into the titular mob boss’ start of his ecstasy empire. While the drug lord was suitably menacing in Undercover, Bouman in his beginnings is broke, trying to create bigger deals that would allow him to continue sustaining his small-scale drug pushing, and personally bumping with the cops in some botched buyings. As the future kingpin deals with day-to-day mishaps, there’s an old-school, lightly comedic tone as Bouman tries to gain the same respect he’ll get in Undercover. It makes for a goofier and less serious side on the all-too-familiar organized crime plotlines, and makes it a fun series to watch.

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