Fatal Seduction 2023 / A South African crime mystery laced with sex, lies, and secrets


Diving straight into the mystery, never holding back on the steamy scenes, Fatal Seduction is a quick, addictive melodrama. It’s no exaggeration to call this series an erotic thriller as it follows marriage deteriorated by secrets and miscommunication, with a web of lustful characters caught in the crossfire. But under the flings and affairs is the fallout from the heinous death of a child. Although there’s the exploration of sexuality and sexual desires, the show offers much more as it tackles miscarriages, infidelity, and trauma. From its opening scene, we know Nandi is arrested and with every twist and melodramatic reveal, the series is easily binge-able – if only to see how many secrets can be unearthed in seven episodes (before Volume 2).

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