Chicken Nugget 2024 / A daughter turns into a chicken nugget in this absurd, bite-sized Korean drama


Chicken Nugget is absolutely absurd. We’ve seen science fiction create fantastic, futuristic worlds and technology only today’s scientists can dream about, but we’ve never seen the genre delve into a silly premise like this, with two men protecting their loved one, who happens to be a chicken nugget. Some viewers might be put off by the absolutely over-the-top performances in the first few episodes, but consider: if your daughter turned into a chicken nugget, the daughter you’ve raised alone for years, and she, in food form, is always at the brink of being eaten, wouldn’t you too be rightfully distraught? Chicken Nugget plays on the hilarious ridiculousness of the premise, but it does have some genuine heart toward its wacky characters, a heart that’s slowly revealed after its first few episodes.

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