Burn the House Down 2023 / Jealousy fans the flames of revenge in this domestic thriller


Not fully a mystery and not entirely a thriller, yet on the cusp of both, the initial setup of Burn the House Down promises a definite answer and dismantles it in every episode. Sure that her mother was framed, Anzu infiltrates Makiko’s new lavish life to prove that the fire set to her home thirteen years ago was no accident. She knows the culprit but lacks evidence, but when she’s reacquainted with Makiko’s eldest son, his reclusive demeanour takes a sinister turn. The premise is straightforward, yet it’s hard to look away from Anzu skulking around as she finds remnants of her mother’s old life and sweet-talking the family that destroyed hers. Trying to piece together that fateful night isn’t simple but feels worth the unexpected detours three episodes in. 

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