Branding in Seongsu 2024 / Boss swaps bodies with her intern in this workplace comedy with unique ideas but baffling characterization


Body swapping is an intriguing concept because it’s such a concrete, immediate way for two characters to intrinsically understand one another. Usually, this swap occurs between relatives, lovers, and friends, but Branding in Seongsu takes this swap between a boss and her intern, as they clash over the ethics of marketing a big name cosmetic brand with an animal cruelty scandal. With the two people fundamentally opposed in values, it feels like it should be exciting to see their views challenged, especially considering not many shows portray these corporate ethics, but the uneven power dynamic, the workplace context, and lack of professionalism makes these discussions taste sour. Eun-ho’s flirtations feel like it’s undermining Na-eon’s authority and Na-eon’s feedback feels reminiscent of horrible bosses. Branding in Seongsu has an interesting high concept, but it’s the details that just doesn’t make this work.

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