Sharksploitation (2023) 2023 / A documentary more interested in listing examples than providing analysis, but one that remains funny and absurd nonetheless


Those looking for a nature documentary or cultural deep dive into the ways that sharks really behave and have been perceived throughout human history are likely to be disappointed by this. Sharksploitation only occasionally takes a greater interest in the actual animals that have become staple movie monsters since 1975’s Jaws—which makes all of the doc’s numerous examples lack a greater connective tissue. But with all that said, it’s rare to find what’s essentially a catalog of other movies be so amusing just in how it geeks out over its subject matter. Sharksploitation is, at the end of the day, a sincere celebration of B-movies and ripoffs that sheds light on a much weirder but no less passionate side of the film industry. As easy as it is to make fun of the Sharknados of the world, there’s a different kind of creativity that goes into films like this. It’s a blessing that they don’t take themselves so seriously.

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