Polly Pocket Sparkle Cove Adventure (2023) 2023 / Fast-paced kids' entertainment that doesn't offer anything deeper except merchandise advertising


More an extended episode of the Polly Pocket TV series that started in 2018 than a self-contained movie, Sparkle Cove Adventure really only exists to showcase various adventure sequences and magical powers possessed by Polly and the other characters. It’s all harmless fun, with a last-minute message about working together that could’ve been much more subversive in a better written story. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much else in this crudely structured, one-hour film to recommend, as lots of on-screen hustle and bustle threatens to blur into white noise. It doesn’t help that the animation hasn’t been upgraded in any way; after 60 minutes, the Flash-animated 2D style only begins to look flatter.

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