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Is Netflix + Max $10 Verizon Bundle Worth It?

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Good news for Verizon mobile customers: you're eligible to bundle two of streaming's powerhouse players, Netflix and Max, for just $10/month. Verizon's Netflix + Max bundle includes both of the streamers' ad-supported plans, which go for $7 and $10 respectively, and shaves more than 40% off their usual price. Not only is this package a steal, it's also a rare move on Netflix's part, which isn't usually too keen on bundles. The Netflix + Max is also stackable, meaning you can pair it with another $10-bundle from Verizon (we suggest the Disney-Hulu-ESPN bundle to get the most out of the discounts). 

This bundle is available to Verizon customers on the Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Ultimate plans, just don't forget to enroll in the provider's myPlan subscription first. 

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Pricing at Netflix-max-10-verizon-bundle starts at $10 per month.

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