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Is Indieflix Worth It?

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Have you tried Indieflix? Let others know what they can expect.

How many good movies are there on Indieflix?

We have spotted 2 good movies on Indieflix.


IndieFlix is an online streaming service dedicated to independent filmmaking and is available in 85 countries. 

In the US, you can access IndieFlix for $6.99 per month, or a one-year subscription at a discounted $69. Patrons of IndieFlix may access IndieFlix free of charge. 

Who is Indieflix for?

IndieFlix is one for fans of independent film and filmmaking. The library includes over 8000 titles of hidden gems, including independent movies, shows and documentaries from all around the world.   

If you want to support the indie filmmaking community as well, IndieFlix is the first streaming platform to pay filmmakers directly for content watched via the service. As a mission-driven platform, IndieFlix organizes multiple social programs around film.

Why get Indieflix?

Niche programming: On IndieFlix, you’ll find a wide selection of independent and short films, a lot of top-notch documentaries, and even older TV shows, with the library regularly updated. Supports filmmakers: Indieflix originated an artist payment model called the RPM (Royalty Pool Minutes) that pays filmmakers for every minute watched of their content, so you can contribute directly while you watch.


Indieflix was founded in 2005 by filmmakers Scilla Andreen and Gian Carlo Scandiuzzi, the latter of whom remains the managing CEO. In 2013, IndieFlix began to work with schools and communities on scheduling movie screenings. Now, the company has various film-oriented social programs including IndieFlix Foundation, IndieFlix Education, and IndieFlix Festivals.

What's the best deal to subscribe to Indieflix?

Great news! It looks like Indieflix still offers a free trial of 7 days.

Pricing at Indieflix starts at $4.99 per month.

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