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Is Disney+ Worth It?

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How many good movies are there on Disneyplus?

We have spotted 27 good movies on Disneyplus.

What are some good movies on Disneyplus?

Some of our best movies on Disneyplus:

Fire of Love is a documentary that follows Maurice and Katia Krafft, a scientist couple who’ve dedicated their entire professional lives to studying (and marveling at) volcanoes. The two met at university and have been inseparable ever since, chasing explosions around the world until their death at the Mount Unzen eruption in 1991. 

The fiery passion the title refers to is as much about Maurice and Katia as it is about their dedication to volcanoes. Like any love story, it tracks how they were first wonderstruck by the formation and how that awe shaped their lives and led them to each other, as well as how they came to discover hard truths about it and dealt with the heartbreak that soon followed. 

Combining the breathtaking footage the couple left behind with lovely writing and artful animation, director Sara Dosa creates a moving documentary about passion, adventure, and the world itself. 

Genre: Documentary, Drama

Actor: Alka Balbir, Guillaume Tremblay, Katia Krafft, Maurice Krafft, Miranda July

Director: Sara Dosa

Rating: PG

Summer of Soul would already be remarkable if it was just a collection of some of the greatest live performances ever put to film. Boasting a roster that includes Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Gladys Knight, and Sly and the Family Stone, the nearly-forgotten 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival featured in the documentary was an all-star catalog of some of the biggest names in popular music, all at pivotal moments in their careers. Seeing them at the height of their powers, in front of a Black audience that meant so much to them, makes for an unexpectedly emotional experience.

But Summer of Soul also expands beyond the actual concert, using the Harlem Cultural Festival to represent a turning point in Black culture and history, especially after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Through the film's pristine, electric editing and gorgeous archival restoration, music becomes a communal act of mourning, a rallying cry to face the uncertain future, and a celebration of a people and a heritage continuing to fight against erasure and persecution.

Genre: Documentary, Drama, History, Music

Actor: Abbey Lincoln, B. B. King, Chris Rock, David Ruffin, Fidel Castro, Herbie Mann, Hugh Masekela, Jesse Jackson, John F. Kennedy, John V. Lindsay, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mahalia Jackson, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Mavis Staples, Max Roach, Moms Mabley, Nina Simone, Questlove, Redd Foxx, Richard Nixon, Robert F. Kennedy, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder, Tony Lawrence, Walter Cronkite

Director: Questlove

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What are some good shows on Disneyplus?

Some of our best shows on Disneyplus:

All recommendations on Disneyplus


Disney Plus is a streaming on-demand service owned by the Walt Disney Company available in 59 countries at the time of writing. 

Pricing starts at $8 a month in the US, while plans differ from region to region. New theatrical releases cost up to $30 in addition to the subscription fee.  

Disney Plus can be accessed via a full range of services including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One and is compatible across Apple and PC computers, and Android and Apple phones and tablets. 

Who is Disneyplus for?

Considering we’re talking about Disney, you can bet on all the major hits as well as exclusive theatrical releases. With something like 7,000 TV episodes and 500 movies, most of the content comes either from the Disney Channel and Freeform, with a selection of titles from 20th Television and ABC Signature.  

In addition to every major Pixar movie, Disney live action remake, kids’ show and animation (including the classics) you can think of, you’ll get all the original series based on Marvel and Star Wars, as well as all content from the movie franchises. 

Why get Disneyplus?

Great for kids: There’s no shortage of content for younger audiences, with all the major Disney hits a click away. 

New theatrical releases: Although sometimes you have to pay an extra fee (usually of up to $30), a great perk of Disney Plus is Premier Access, which makes theatrical releases immediately available to stream on the platform.

Exclusive releases: Since it’s Disney, the catalog of popular TV shows and movies that you can't find anywhere else is huge. 

The app: The Disney Plus app is so well-designed that in 2020, Apple named it the Apple TV App of the Year, and voted the best app of 2020 by Google Play users.


Disney Plus launched to much anticipation in 2019 and gained over 10 million subscribers within its first day on the market. Currently, Disney Plus sits alongside Hulu and ESPN Plus as the Walt Disney Company's three primary streaming platforms for the US market. In 2021, Disney Puls reported 100 million subscribers worldwide.

What's the best deal to subscribe to Disneyplus?

Pricing at Disneyplus starts at $7.99 per month.

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