Movies Like The Murderer (2023)

Staff & contributors

Chasing the feel of watching The Murderer ? Here are the movies we recommend you watch right after.

Saturated colors, numerous plot twists, and a quirky hot-headed detective bring this whodunit murder mystery/dark comedy to life. On the eve of a big storm, Sai and her British husband Earl visit Sai's family's farmhouse, and the night ends in a gruesome mass murder. The horrific setup is quickly undercut by Detective Nawat who, convinced that Earl is the culprit, spouts ridiculous theories and changes the backstory of his intimidating scar. The melodrama lands well, as does the absurdity of the mystery, and the commentary on Thai-Foreign perceptions is successfully delivered, all of which helps the film fill out its unexpected two-hour runtime. 

A peculiar Western that might not please everyone if it wasn't for its main star, Kurt Russel. It's a mix between classic western material, a horror flick, and a fantasy movie. Yes, it's a lot. And not only that, it can be slow at times. However, in those perks it also finds a lot of originality in a saturated genre, and one more time: Kurt Russel. He's amazing as can be expected, playing the sheriff of a quiet town that gets struck by sudden disappearances. The suspect is a faraway tribe known for its cannibalism practices, the movie follows the sheriff as he leads an expedition to save a disappearing woman.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Western

Actor: Alex Meraz, Brandon Molale, David Arquette, David Midthunder, Eddie Spears, Erick Chavarria, Evan Jonigkeit, Fred Melamed, Geno Segers, James Tolkan, Jamison Newlander, Jay Tavare, Jeremy Tardy, Kathryn Morris, Kurt Russell, Lili Simmons, Maestro Harrell, Mario Perez, Matthew Fox, Michael Emery, Michael Pare, Omar Leyva, Patrick Wilson, Raw Leiba, Richard Jenkins, Robert Allen Mukes, Sean Young, Sid Haig, Zahn McClarnon

Director: S. Craig Zahler

Rating: Not Rated