Movies Like Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut (2024)

Staff & contributors

Chasing the feel of watching Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut ? Here are the movies we recommend you watch right after.

Within seconds of the cold open, the documentary establishes a curious, playful angle to learning about the gut. Giulia Enders, our primary expert and narrator, speaks conversationally with such infectious passion about the gut. The animation styles are diverse and adorable, and the visualization of ideas as a whole is magnetic, making this as much an educational as it is an artistic tribute to the subject. And at its core is a simple idea: having a balanced diet is good for the microbiomes in your gut. All roads leading to that point have been taken care of to create a friendly and fascinating documentary.

Renowned British director Ken Loach’s signature traits are present in The Old Oak: simple, humanistic, and unapologetically hopeful. But this time, we see things unfold through the eyes of Turner’s TJ and Ebla Mari’s Yara, whose endearing friendship anchors the film. They prove that seemingly conflicting things can coexist, like workers’ and immigrants’ rights, local and newcomer needs, old and new ideals. Loach hones in on his characters’ rich and specific lives so that his message doesn’t come across like an advocacy poster, but a richly woven tapestry filled with beautiful and complex meanings. Because it tackles heavy themes, The Old Oak might sound like it’d be heavy to watch, but as in most of the director’s work, you’ll no sooner be uplifted by an outpouring of hope and love.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Chris McGlade, Claire Rodgerson, Col Tait, Dave Turner, Debbie Honeywood, Ebla Mari, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini, Neil Leiper, Rhys Mcgowan, Rob Kirtley, Trevor Fox

Director: Ken Loach