Movies Like Chopper (2000)

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Chasing the feel of watching Chopper ? Here are the movies we recommend you watch right after.

Despite a name that sounds like a cheap horror flick from the 80's, Chopper is in fact an 'autobiographical' account of Australian robber, kidnapper and all round crazy bastard Mark 'Chopper' Read. But don't think this will be some bog-standard, by-the-numbers, 'crime doesn't pay' movie of the week, instead this film revels in gleeful pitch-black humor, wonderfully shot but not gratuitous, scenes of cold violence and a wonderful lead actor, Eric Bana, (in the role that got his foot firmly through the Hollywood door) who dominates every single frame he is in. At a lean 90 minutes long, you have no excuse not to watch this wonderful gem of a film.

In my own wished-for parallel universe, French actors Vincent Cassell and Emanuelle Devos are voted the sexiest actors alive. I find them both transfixing and appealing in every role they’ve performed, and they are quite the pair here. Devos plays Carla, a put-upon assistant at a property management company. While good at her job, there is little room for her to advance her career, as she is one of the only women at her company and also has a hearing deficiency. Into her humdrum life walks ex-convict Paul (Cassell), who Carla hires as a personal assistant. It turns out that what Paul lacks in secretarial skills he makes up for in other ways. The first half of the film plays almost like a dark workplace comedy, before taking a dangerous turn towards psychological crime thriller. Overall, it’s a dark and sexy character study of two mismatched outsiders who turn out to complement each other perfectly.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

Actor: Bernard Alane, Bô Gaultier de Kermoal, Celine Samie, Chloé Mons, Christophe Van de Velde, Christophe Vandevelde, David Saracino, Emmanuelle Devos, Francois Loriquet, Isabelle Caubère, Nathalie Lacroix, Olivia Bonamy, Olivier Gourmet, Olivier Perrier, Patrick Steltzer, Pierre Diot, Serge Boutleroff, Serge Onteniente, Vincent Cassel

Director: Jacques Audiard

Rating: R