Millennial Hunter (2023) 2023 / A bizarre attempt at comedy, satire, and stretching a TikTok skit to 70 minutes


Satire or not, 70 minutes of jokes about demographic cohorts is a lot to sit through. But if it is satire, it only leans into exaggeration. There is no irony or humor, and there’s definitely no commentary on anything substantial. And a boomer dad going on a millennial killing spree would only be a funny premise for a 5-minute short, which this film, unfortunately, isn’t. And although it’s set in the modern day, the generalizations and jokes feel tired, dated, and uninspiring. Yes, there’s inter-generation beef, and some of it is ridiculous, but a little commentary on why the divides exist would have made up for the lack of chuckles and saved us all some time.

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