A Man Called Ove 2015 / A charming Swedish rendition of the quintessential grumpy-old-man-turns-into-loveable-neighbor tear-jerker trope


Based on Fredrick Backman’s 2012 best-selling book of the same name, this Swedish hit comedy-drama introduces us to Ove, an elderly man who feels like his life is over. After losing his wife, the short-fused retiree spends his days grumpily enforcing block association rules in his neighborhood. He is your typical unhappy, old neighbor, somebody you would try to avoid. One new family does not give up and befriends Ove, played by an impeccable Rolf Lassgård, despite his best intentions to put them off. As the plot unfolds, however, you learn more about the story behind the man, and, in classic walk-a-mile-in-his-shoes fashion, start to find him rather loveable. After all, nobody is born grumpy and cynical. Naturally, this is a sweet and sentimental film. But an amazing lead performance and a charming, darkly funny script rescue it from drifting too far off the shore. The result is a wholesome, fun, and thoughtful dramedy with a beautiful message.


    Love this movie. It did my heart good. Over is a sympathetic character and you can’t help but love his cantankerousness. 4 people liked this review.


    So emotional. I started with reading its book that encourage me to watch the film. 3 people liked this review.

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