Love, Sex and 30 Candles (2023) 2023 / A standard, yet spicier, grown-up coming-of-age good enough for a girls' night in


Turning 30 is a milestone that is a staple drama storybeat; it’s own coming-of-age subgenre for facing unrealized dreams and heartbreak. This South African take adds a few dashes of sex as the lead quartet look back on their college years and mostly lament their dysfunctional, or lacking, love lives. All four women get equal screen time (impressive) and a series of devastating hardships (sad, yet expected), but the predominant focus on their relationship with men cornered it into predictable territory. Ultimately, the film is formulaic, always on the cusp of prioritizing friendships until its archaic romances and interpersonal drama remind you that a man and a job will make you MUCH happier.

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