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When it comes to homegrown quality titles, it’s hard to have the BBC beat. The network is home to fan favorites like Sherlock and Doctor Who, as well as critical darlings like Fleabag and Industry. And thanks to a deal with Disney’s FX, it also carries a number of quality imports like What We Do in the Shadows and Pose. Which is why the BBC’s streaming arm, the BBC iPlayer, is such a handy service to have. It brings together a variety of beloved titles into one convenient place and serves as a catch-up platform for the most recently aired shows on the telly.

There are a number of impressive features as well, including live TV streaming, offline viewing, profile switching, and parental controls, although the iPlayer’s tendency to constantly rotate its catalog of titles could be a pro or con, depending on your preference (you can read more about title availability here). 

The only caveat is that you need to have a TV license to access the iPlayer, which costs a hefty £159 a year. But if you already got that covered, you can just quickly sign up for a BBC account and you’re good to go.

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