Incendies 2010, 2011 / Part melodrama, part war thriller, Incendies is gorgeous and heartbreaking from the first scene


This French-Canadian slow-burner, written and directed by Denis Villeneuve, will pull you in with one of the best movie beginnings of all time – and its outstanding ending will leave you shaken. To fulfill their mother’s last wish after her sudden death in Montreal, the two twins Jeanne and Simon must travel separately to an unnamed Middle-Eastern country (with strong resemblances to civil-war-torn Lebanon) to deliver letters to close relatives they never knew they had.

The twins’ quest into a dark and staggering family history makes them experience themselves and the violence of war like they had never imagined. Their ordeal is interrupted by a series of flashbacks telling the story of their mother, Nawal Marwan, before leading them to uncover a deeply disturbing secret. Based on Wajdi Mouawad’s 2003 play of the same name, this melodramatic war thriller takes a poetic and poignant look at how families are shaped by atrocities – even long the after wars that produced them have ended.


    it's just hard not to get mind blown by the end of it. Absolute must-watch. 4 people liked this review.


    A sublime movie whose beauty is both omnipresent and heartbreaking. It's about time, sorrow, intergenerational development... Just a masterpiece. 3 people liked this review.


    Jesus Christ, this movie. Just shut up, sit there, and watch this movie. Then ponder about what you have just seen. 5/5 22 people liked this review.


    This is the best Movie I think I have ever watched and I am writing this 3 months after I saw it. This is genius. 10 people liked this review.

    Pat Mockler

    Fabulous. Riveting. Introspective. A film that points out that we never really know our parents. That people can live many lifetimes. That humans can be strong beyond strength. 10 people liked this review.


    Wow. Just. Wow. There are very few nits to pick with this film. It is carefully paced with very good cinematography and just enough detail to force viewers to interact with the story in meaningful manners. And the last twenty minutes? Interesting. Very interesting. 1 person liked this review.

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