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A really weird and also heartwarming movie about Frank, the leader and singer/songwriter of a crazy band. He really grows on you with his big head. If you like movies with that funky edge (like Scott Pilgrim) this is especially something for you! Either way and regardless of your preferences, you’ll find Frank to be a sweet, sincere, likable and clever comedy.


    This movie was weird. Not my taste. Afterwards, felt like I had just wasted my time. 4 people liked this review.


    This movie delighted me on numerous levels. There's the apparent absurdity of Frank himself,and his band mates, of course. Then there is the apparency of Jon's "normality". But, as time goes on, it become less and less clear that "normality is anything but normal, that what's real and important is what's agreed to. The music works that way too, The momentum and framing of scenes are outstanding. I was wonderfully swept away into the story, and at the end of it, I realized that anything that seems "most peculiar" was held in admiration and top esteem. Let your "nerd flag fly high" and give this movie a go! 2 people liked this review.


    Fun movie, some parts youd rather not see but not in poor taste 0 people liked this review.

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