The Florida Project 2017 / Now On Netflix


Every once in a while there are movies that expand the definition of quality film-making. This is one of those movies.

Here is an incredible, yet delicate film that follows three children from poor families who are stuck living in subpar motels. Their lives and friendships are portrayed with honesty and precise aesthetics. It’s a story that at first seems as plot-free as life itself.

It succeeds in capturing an innocence that is usually reserved to a child’s imagination: a precarious living condition full of adventures and fun. It’s hard to describe it beyond that; it’s the kind of film that must be seen to be fully understood.

And it ends on a very high note.


    Excellent portrayal of the lives of children from a growing up in poor neighborhoods. Almost cried at the end. 4 people liked this review.


    Don’t watch it if you abhor movies about dysfunctional people. 1 person liked this review.

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