Staff & contributors

, 2023

Dogleg is quite an unusual debut. For starters, the film doesn’t take one straightforward narrative– it shifts into various side stories, from a search for a fiancée's dog conducted via hoverboard, to a period blood spell casted on a Colorado farm, to a crew member being approached rather strangely by two women, to Al’s disastrous shoot, with each section led by a different lead. It is also certainly strange to insert commentary about the film within the film itself, with the lead, and writer-director Al Warren doing the commenting. But this metanarrative is certainly interesting, and funny, and takes unexpected, remarkable turns for a debut feature.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Al Warren, Angela Trimbur, Bridey Elliott, Chad Damiani, Courtney Pauroso, David Aaron Baker, DeMorge Brown, Dylan Redford, Ella Smith, Jamie Granato, Kristoffer Borgli, Nick Pinkerton, Sally Mullins

Director: Al Warren