The Best of Youth 2003 / Available On Streaming Rental or Purchase


Let me just preface this by saying The Best of Youth is 6 hours long. Yes, that’s 358 minutes of run time, and it puts off a lot of people. But if you’re into unusual movie premises like me and up for the challenge – the reward is tremendous. The Best of Youth tells the story of four friends through a period of 30 years; what they go through how they develop their personalities, their worldviews, etc. And because it spans such an extended period of time, it acts as a highlight reel of moments from the characters’ lives (so the long run-time actually feels short). It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that you’ll probably never know characters of any movie as well as you will in The Best of Youth. A perfect illustration of the genius of Italian cinema that gave us The Great Beauty and other amazing movies.


    Definitely the best movie I've ever seen. I feel so grateful to this page for showing me such masterpiece. Although it´s very long, it doesn't feel slow. I enjoyed every minute I spent watching this movie. 3 people liked this review.


    I loved this movie and could have watched another 6 hours !! 0 people liked this review.

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