Best Movies to Watch by Paco Rueda

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As much as we like to imagine children being innocent, schoolyard bullying does happen, and sometimes it goes way past the regular teasing and ends up becoming something that could only be described as evil. After Lucia is the story of a girl that has experienced this after the death of her mother, leaving only her and her father behind. While Roberto does try to reach out to her, the death of her mother means the loss of a trusted adult, someone that Alejandra can talk about anything and everything with without judgment. Writer-director Michel Franco gradually escalates the terrible deeds done by Alejandra’s classmates, building up mercilessly that it leads to a terrible end. But ultimately, the ugliness of what happens emphasizes how a lack of open communication, a reluctant school administration, and an ineffective policy towards bullying easily places children in danger.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Gonzalo Vega Sisto, Hernán Mendoza, Mónica Del Carmen, Nailea Norvind, Paco Rueda, Tamara Yazbek Bernal, Tessa Ía

Director: Michel Franco