Best Movies to Watch by Florecita Paño

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A great example of a documentary that covers a marginalized community without imposing the gaze of a detached, "superior" filmmaker, Last Days at Sea chronicles daily life in a Filipino fishing town but remembers to contrast its images of hardship with the care of a community. There are times when the film's director, Venice Atienza, might insert herself into the picture a little too much, but for the most part this movie feels uniquely co-authored by the people it follows on screen. A subtle sadness permeates through every interaction, as memories are brought up of those who used to live here, and as those who remain acknowledge that everyone is fated to leave the warmth and safety of the town at some point—an injustice if ever there was one.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Cleofe Betonio, Cresente Betonio, Emibie Paño, Florecita Paño, John Russel Rey Paño

Director: Venice Atienza