Best Movies to Watch by Emilio Sakraya

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While not having world-ending stakes or large-scale operations, Sixty Minutes just works as an action movie. Sure, the plot is familiar and a little far fetched, but the film maximizes the potential of its premise, with excellently choreographed fight sequences working in tandem with the cinematography to reflect the MMA fighter leading the movie. Each moment isn’t wasted, with the action escalating each time Octa finds out about the hidden information kept from him about the match he’s planned to skip, and the film easily keeps track of his journey through neon-lit stopwatch faces and maps. And when we (and Octa) feel tired from all the fighting, the film ends right on time after sixty (and twenty nine) minutes.

Genre: Action, Drama

Actor: Alain Blazevic, Balázs Megyeri, Dennis Mojen, Emilio Sakraya, Florian Schmidtke, Harry Szovik, Livia Matthes, Ludger Bökelmann, Marie Mouroum, Morik Heydo, Paul Wollin, Philipp Droste

Director: Oliver Kienle

Rating: R