3 Best Movies to Watch by Chris Diamantopoulos

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What if the Deep State was real and every conspiracy theory you laughed off was true? There is such a thing as Area 51, John F. Kennedy was killed by the CIA, and somewhere out there, Tupac Shakur is still alive. If you added even more ridiculous theories like reptile people existing underground and Avril Lavigne being a clone, then you'd have Inside Job, a bonkers adult animated sitcom that hails from some of the people behind Gravity Falls and Bojack Horseman.

Inside Job is crazy and creative, with each episode delving into a different "theory," but it also has room for character introspection and development. Lizzy Caplan lends her voice to the lead Reagan Ridley, a scientist and manager who is ambitious but difficult, genius but always tired. The show does well to show her and her team's growth in a show otherwise jam-packed with (admittedly hilarious) insanity.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction

Actor: Andrew Daly, Andy Daly, Bobby Lee, Brett Gelman, Chris Diamantopoulos, Christian Slater, Clark Duke, John DiMaggio, Lizzy Caplan, Suzy Nakamura, Timothy Simons, Tisha Campbell, Tisha Campbell-Martin

Director: Shion Takeuchi

Rating: TV-14