Best Movies to Watch by Adriana Facchetti

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Of course, a lovely vacation in the Italian countryside will not solve all your problems. It won’t fix marital problems, or solve financial issues, or grant you respect, or suddenly make everything feel better. But Enchanted April charmingly suggests that maybe a break in a new environment, with the sun and the waves and the quiet, might grant you a new perspective and maybe lifelong friendships that can change your life, and make the day-to-day just a little better. The film might not be the most profound story ever created, but it’s a lovely little adaptation with relatable women enjoying life in the same way we probably should do once in a while.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Actor: Adriana Facchetti, Alfred Molina, Anna Longhi, Davide Manuli, Jim Broadbent, Joan Plowright, Josie Lawrence, Matthew Radford, Michael Kitchen, Miranda Richardson, Neville Phillips, Polly Walker, Stephen Beckett, Vittorio Duse

Director: Mike Newell

Rating: PG