The Road 2009 / Now On Starz


A Cormac McCarthy novel adaptation (like No Country for Old Men), The Road is an apocalypse movie set in a ‘scorched Earth’ rendition of the world. It follows a father (played by Viggo Mortensen) and his son as they battle to survive everyday life. Throughout the movie, the son’s trust in his father grows and shrinks depending on choices the father makes, as he attempts to protect his son from cannibals, bandits, and the threat of starvation. The gritty realism this movie presents sets it apart from many other more theatrical releases, with the setting of a charred world illustrating a rather depressing new reality. A very down to earth and heartfelt story. Definitely worth the watch if you’re willing to feel like you’ve been punched in the gut.

    The 345 Critic

    This is a good movie but there is absolutely nothing positive about this film. Do not watch if you are depressed or sad. I had the hardest time watching it because of all the dreariness. OMG that was hard. The acting was superb and they even tossed in Robert Duvall. The flashbacks got a bit annoying, but overall, a very good depressing movie. I just wish I knew where they filmed all of those locations. That was incredible. 3 people liked this review.

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